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Co-owner Steve Liu, who hails from Beijing, always wanted to start his own business. He earned his MBA from Babson College, and during his studies decided to launch a food truck dedicated to Chinese barbecue.

The Wow Barbecue truck hit the road in Boston in 2013, and built up a strong following among local Chinese students and those simply curious about Chinese barbecue. The following year, Liu and business partner Yi Peng opened a restaurant in Malden focusing on more traditional Chinese cuisine. In March, the pair opened Wu-Er in Brookline. “Wu-Er” means “one of a kind,” Liu said; in fact, the name “Wow” was meant to evoke that Chinese word.

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Chinese Barbecue

Chinese BBQ, or Chuan'r (串儿) originated in the Xin Jiang and Inner Mongolia regions in northern China hundreds of years ago. Traditionally, meat and vegetables are doused in cumin and cooked over a charcoal grill. It has since populated the streets of most major cities in China.

Our food is cooked over a natural gas grill with volcanic rocks in order to preserve the signature smoky flavor still present in China. We have over 30 different skewer options to choose from. Check out our Menu

Welcome to our restaurant

Founded on July 1st 2013, Wow Barbecue began serving authentic Chinese Barbecue (Kebabs) on the streets of Boston in a bright red food truck. Along with his partners, Wow Barbecue was founded and currently managed by Babson College MBA graduate Steve Liu. Most recently Wow Barbecue has expanded into two brick and mortar restaurants in the city of Malden and town of Brookline.

Team Members

Co-Founder Steve Liu

Co-Founder Yi Peng