Executive Chef

Full-time Executive Chef to prepare and cook BBQ and Sichuan Cuisine.

Supervise and instruct new cooks in the preparation of the restaurant’s unique and traditional recipes.

  • Prepare the specialties of the restaurant and develop new dishes and menu items. Implement protocols for food storage, handling, preparation, and distribution.

  • Oversee portion sizes, serving temperatures, and overall quality control. Coordinate food service with the drink service department, and help management set prices.

  • Also supervise kitchen sanitation, safety, equipment operations, and general hygiene.

  • Monitor food inventory and order additional supplies based on estimated customer consumption.

  • Responsible for supervising 5 employees (1 meat preparer, 1 BBQ cook, 2 cooks, and 1 cleaner).

  • Required Experience/Skills: Five years’ experience working as an Executive Chef.

If you wish to be considered for this position, please submit resume to:

Mr. Steve Liu, steveliu@wowbarbecue.com . The Barbecue Lamb Brothers LLC DBA Wow Barbecue, 320 Washington Street, Brookline, MA 02445.