• 1. What is Chinese BBQ?

    Chinese BBQ was originated in the Xinjiang and inner Mongolia regions where there is an abundance of grassland. The most traditional skewers were just lamb and beef with simply salt and cumin seasoning. Overtime as BBQ spread across different regions of China, the varieties of meat and vegetables skewers, as well as flavors grew to fit different local tastes. Our brand of BBQ is popular amongst northern China.

  • 2. What is in the seasoning?

    Our seasoning is cumin based. To enhance flavor, we added salt, nuts and some other herbs.

  • 3. What is the proper way to eat the skewers?

    It is painful to see some guests eating the skewers like a banana. The proper way is with the skewer horizontal to the table, grab onto the goodies with your teeth and slide them off the tip of the stick.

  • 4. Anything gluten free?

    All the skewers we offer are gluten free. We also have some other gluten free salads and dishes. Please ask your server for a gluten free menu.

  • 5. What if I have a nut allergy?

    Our seasoning contains nuts including peanuts. However we do provide an alternative pure cumin seasoning. But it is possible that the skewers would touch the nuts containing seasoning on the grill, so we would not recommend you ordering anything off the grill if you are extremely allergic to nuts. ​

  • 6. What if I had a bad experience?

    Your experience is our top priority. If you are unsatisfied with anything, please tell your server and we will do everything we can to rectify the situation. If you are still unhappy, please call 508-826-3192 to inquire about a full refund.

  • 7. How much do I need to order to get full?

    It all depends on your appetite and what you order. In general our guests spend around $30 per person.

  • 8. Can I customize certain dishes?

    Some dishes are customizable, but some are made as is. It does not hurt to ask and our chef will try his best to accommodate your unique request.

  • 9. How spicy is your food?

    Some dishes come with the "spicy" symbol. If you can not handle too much heat, we can always tone it down to medium or mild. ​

  • 10. Why are there pieces of fat cubes on the lamb skewer?

    The fat cubes are lamb fat that are intentionally added onto the skewers to add a fatty flavor. Traditionally, each skewer should contain three pieces of lean meat and two pieces of fat.

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