A fast-growing traditional Chinese Barbecue restaurant seeks an experienced and qualified Training and Development Specialist who can develop, plan, organize and conduct orientation and training programs for our employees. Candidates should have extensive prior food service and restaurant operation experience and a strong knowledge of restaurant operation and business development. Each candidate should be able to demonstrate his or her excellence in communication skills.


To apply for this position, you must meet the following criteria:

·       Bachelor’s degree in business, project management, or closely related field (foreign equivalent is acceptable);

·       Minimum of one year of experience in fast-paced chain restaurant operations;

·       One-year experience in management analysis, developing and implementing internal policies and procedures of food services;

·       Demonstrated ability to develop and conduct training for employees in individual and group settings;

·       Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills, including meeting with restaurant employees, managers, and corporate level supervisors to obtain feedback, understanding customers’ complaints, communicating effectively and professionally with all levels of the organization, and must demonstrating ability to communicate in English;

·       Demonstrated ability to work well within a team environment and mentor employees to grow with our restaurant’s advancement program;

·       Knowledgeable and familiar in trainings materials and regulations regarding Servesafe and Massachusetts TIPS;

·       Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure and multi-task; and

·       Willingness to commute to different chain locations and work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends and holidays.


·       Assess and identify training needs through customers’ surveys, interviews with restaurant employees, and consultation with managers;

·       Develop and implement systematic and comprehensive guidelines, training manuals and other educational materials for new employee orientation and employees’ training program to improve customer service skills and job performance (comprising knowledge of our menu and barbecue strategies, taking customer’s orders, food packaging, storing and maintaining inventories and groceries, organizing catering events, utilizing equipment on our food truck, work safety, etc.);

·       Plan, organize, and conduct orientation and training sessions with clear learning objectives and purpose;

·       Deliver training in an effective and understandable manner to facilitate learning which may involve demonstration, visual aids, group exercise, simulations, or other instructional methods;

·       Monitor and record each employee’s skills and performance at work and during training sessions and prepare periodic evaluation report for each employee to enhance overall team performance and efficiency;

·       Devise and execute a detailed employment structure and advancement program to increase opportunities for our employees to grow with our business;

·       Meet and work closely with managers to discuss training and employment development in accordance with the rapid growth of the restaurant’s business; and

·       Obtain and maintain knowledge in restaurant operations and business development, as well as current health and safety standards in compliance with current state and federal regulations, which may require taking relevant classes, attending workshops or seminars, or consulting with professional advisors.

Job Type:  Full-Time

Required Education:  Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent level of education

Required Experience:  Minimum of one year of chain restaurant operations experience; One-year experience in management analysis and policy development

Required Travel:  Frequent commuting to different chain locations in the U.S., Occasional domestic travel to participating in classes, workshops, or seminars about restaurant operations, business development, and health and safety standards.

Please send resume to:  Xiao (Steve) Liu (